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Early childhood autism is a medical diagnosis, so it can be put only by a child psychoneurologist. Be sure to undergo a comprehensive examination with the child, and then, together with doctors and child psychologist, develop an individual treatment and corrective education program. The main thing is to show patience, kindness and always firmly believe in success.

Parents should first create emotional and psychological comfort, a sense of self-confidence and security for the child, and then gradually move on to teaching new skills and behaviors.

It is necessary to understand that it is very difficult for a child to live in this world, which means it is necessary to learn to observe the baby by interpreting aloud every word and every gesture. This will help to expand the inner world of the little man and will encourage him to express his feelings and emotions with words.
As a rule, even non-speaking autistic children are willing to perform non-verbal tasks, that is, those in which there is no need to use speech. It is necessary to teach the child with the help of lotto, puzzles, puzzles, mosaics to establish contact, involve him in individual and joint activities.

What to do for parents with autism in children

If a child approaches an object, name it, let the child hold hands, because this way all the analyzers are connected – vision, hearing, touch. Such children need to repeat the names of the objects many times; they need to tell what they are intended for until the children get used to them and “include” them in their attention field.
When an autistic child is completely busy with something (for example, looking at himself in the mirror), you can carefully connect the speech support, “forgetting” to name the objects to which the child is touching, it provokes a non-speaking baby to overcome the psychological barrier and say the right word. If a child is immersed in manipulation games with objects, you should strive for them to have some sense: laying out rows of dice – “build a train”, scattering pieces of paper “will arrange a fireworks”.

When “treating with a game” it is desirable to use games with clearly defined rules, rather than plot and role-playing where it is necessary to speak. And any game should be lost many times, accompanying each action with comments, so that the child understood the rules and the game for him or her was a kind of ritual, which is so loved by little autists. The problems of an autistic child should be solved gradually, setting immediate goals: to help get rid of fears; to learn to respond to outbreaks of aggression and self-aggression; to connect the child to general activities.

What to do for parents with autism in children

Since it is difficult for autistic children to distinguish the emotions of other people by mimicry, not to mention their own, it is necessary to choose cartoons with heroes who have a clear mimic. Thus, many autistic children are “friends” with a train Tom, a cartoon character and a toy. In the cartoon “Shrek” are also very expressive mimicry and emotions of the heroes. Let the child guess the mood of the characters of fairy tales (for example, with a stop frame), try to depict them himself. In the moments of immersion, try to distract your child, play in the mood, but your mimic should be expressive, so that he guesses your mood. Bring your baby to theatrical performances. Of course, at first, the child will strongly resist attempts to involve him in these activities. However, if you show perseverance by involving encouragement, the autistic will not only obey, but also will experience great joy.

It is very useful to come up with stories in which positive and negative heroes act. This will help the child on a subconscious level to learn what is good and what is bad. You can play these stories both with children and with dolls, explaining that everyone will play a role. “Spectacles” should be staged many times, each time making some small changes.

Despite the peculiarities of communication, an autistic child should be in the team. If kindergarten teachers can not work with your child, find a special teacher who will teach the child to interact with adults and children in the team. Optimal preparation for school is a small integrated group in the correctional center. At first, until your child gets used to it, parents can attend the classes.

It is important to remember that in difficult cases correction and development classes should be sufficiently intensive and long. The choice of specific methods and determining the load is on the parents and on the special psychologist or family therapist.

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