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The material we supply is intended as a reference only, not as a guide to self-treatment. By no means is this to take the place of a medical professional.

The information here is intended to inform you of the health problem or rehabilitation you requested, not as a substitute for any medical treatment that may have been prescribed by your doctor.

The information included in this packet may not represent all that is available on this subject due to the forever changing medical field.

The information is provided to help individuals formulate questions for discussion with their physicians.

As with any business, we’re not perfect. Some lawsuit information may not be available to us to retrieve. Although we do check many sources, we are not 100% sure that “No Records Found” or “Lawsuit Information Not Available” means your physician has had no lawsuits filed against him or her. Even human error is possible. Not likely, but possible.

Also, by no means does Second Opinion Medical Information Services or myself personally support, recommend or endorse any one physician or medical treatment. Nor do we accept referral fees from any physician we recommend.

We don't charge for the information, we charge for the knowledge to obtain it.

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