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As seen on the Sally Show 4/17/2000

Mentioned in the September 2004 issue of the Oprah Magazine. (pg. 170)
Pricey, but very thorough. We say, a cheap search gives you cheap results. We’ve stayed in business 12 plus years because we're the best.



Physician Background Search - Disciplinary Action search with Education background and past lawsuits 

Board Certifications
Education and Training
Addresses and Phone Numbers
Disciplinary Actions - Professional Misconduct
Medical Malpractice Lawsuits
Past Medical Malpractice Judgements

We’re the only information service to provide past medical malpractice lawsuits and past judgements in our physicians background search.

Are you getting ready to expand your practice or replace a physician that’s leaving your practice? We research all of the States ha or she has worked in. (Disciplinary Actions – Past Lawsuits – Criminal Convictions)

Do you research buying a pair of shoes longer then researching your doctors background?

Going to the doctor is a scary experience for many people. But imagine going to a doctor who isn't qualified to treat your illness. Not every doctor is as good as the next. As not everyone who finishes high school is equally as smart.
The most empowering act you can undertake for your own health is to know your doctor, and to know him or her well. It becomes challenging for you to keep up with your physicians, what their backgrounds are, and whether their qualifications and experience fit your needs.

We can pull up background information on your doctor, including education and training, specialization's, hospital and other institutional affiliations, and histories of malpractice and other disciplinary actions along with past lawsuits.


Sexual abuse or sexual misconduct with a patient -
Cited for criminal convictions -
Mis-prescribing or over prescribing of drugs -
Cited or convicted of drug or alcohol abuse -
Cited for sub-standard care, incompetence or negligence -
Practicing without a license -
Professional Misconduct -
Falsifying Medical Records -
Loss or reduction of Hospital Privilege -
Lawsuits - As with any business, we're not perfect, but close.
Information pertaining to lawsuits may not be complete. (Meaning, we may not be able to obtain all lawsuits filed.)

Board Certifications
Education and Training
Addresses and Phone Numbers
Disciplinary Actions
Medical Malpractice Lawsuits

You can't get all the information you're looking for in ten minutes or two hours as others promise unless you leave a lot out, or it’s out-dated. Don't be misled.

Think about it. You can't research your best friend in 24 hours and you know her.

Most background checks take 12 hours - 10 days depending on what state the doctor is in and how many states he or she has practiced in. Some states take up to three weeks. (MOST SEARCHES are done within 36 hours.)

We check all states, not just the one he or she is in as others do.
If you're getting your background search done in a matter of minutes, you're not getting it all. I've been doing this for 8 plus years. It's not possible without leaving a lot out. Some of the information you can get in minutes, most take a few days.

When ordering a background search, we need the following information emailed to us:

Physicians name
State of practice
Type of physician
Your contact phone number

Please email us your request. Please do not call. Email is faster and more efficient for us. We will then give you a price quote. You may call after we give the price quote.
Many of our services are free, some are not.


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Second Opinion Medical Information Services
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Office Hours – 8AM – 6PM CST

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